Groot verschil met andere horloges met optische hartslagmeter, is dat de hartslag niet 24/7 wordt gemeten. Uiteraard is er wel de mogelijkheid deze op te roepen via het menu. Voordelen - geen borstband, dus geen irritatie rond de borst - alle benodigdheden in een apparaat. Nadelen - wellicht niet altijd even nauwkeurig, bijvoorbeeld bij fietsen - horloge moet strakker gedragen worden dan normaal - geen 24/7 metingen - geen metingen tijdens bijvoorbeeld zwemmen - horloge moet altijd direct op de pols gedragen worden, dus onder je warme winterkleding. Gps, het grote verschil met de polar A360 is de toevoeging van gps. In een fitnesstracker wellicht niet altijd even belangrijk, maar in een hardloophorloge tegenwoordig onmisbaar.

met flink afwijkende waardes en kiest dan ook voor meerdere led lichtjes onder de polsunit. Deze vallen er niet in weg, maar lijken extern zodat, bij het aan laten sluiten van het horloge, deze in die huid gedrukt worden en beter zullen meten. Door mijn zwakke polsslag hebben optische sensoren vaak moeite mijn hartslag goed te registreren, maar net als bij de garmin modellen die ik heb mogen testen is de M200 behoorlijk nauwkeurig. Vergeleken met mijn M400 met H7 borstband, heb ik een afwijking van hooguit twee hartslagen kunnen registreren. Wat mij betreft is dat acceptabel.

Met een gewicht van 40 gram doet het niet onder bij de maken activity trackers en is wat lichter dan de meeste sporthorloges. De m200 is verkrijgbaar in zwart en knalrood, maar voor de liefhebbers zijn er nog losse bandjes te krijgen in diverse kleuren. Groot verschil met de overige sporthorloges van Polar, is de wijze van bedienen. In plaats van de bekende 5 knopjes, is de M200 voorzien van 2 knopjes waarmee je door het menu scrolt. Een activiteit of optie selecteren doe je door het rechterknopje langer ingedrukt te houden. Optische hartslagmeting, fietsen polar staat al jaren bekend op zijn nauwkeurige hartslagmeting door middel van de borstband. Toch gaan ook zij mee met de huidige trend op de markt. De m200 en M600 zijn de eerste complete horloges binnen hun brede aanbod, voorzien van optische hartslagmeting. We zagen dit al eerder in de A360 terugkomen, maar deze fungeert meer als fitnesstracker dan als sporthorloge. Het is dan ook een logisch vervolg op de M400 en A360, simpel gezegd lijkt het er zelfs op dat deze twee horloges zijn gecombineerd.

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Opladers en kabels, alles 5, bureaudock 19,95, universele reisoplader 24,95. Dubbele auto-oplader 24,95, auto-oplaadkit voor uw TomTom-horloge 29,95, kabel voor uw horloge 19,95. Wachten duurt soms lang, zeker wanneer we het hebben over de nieuwste sporthorloges van glutenvrije Polar! De m200 is een behoorlijk compleet model, voorzien van gps en optische hartslagmeter, en met een verkoopprijs van 149,95 ook nog eens zeer toegankelijk. Algemeen, een gps sporthorloge, voorzien van meer dan 100 verschillende sportprofielen, een optische hartslagmeter, activity tracker en zelfs de mogelijkheid om teveel smart notificaties te ontvangen. Dat klinkt als een zeer compleet horloge, waarbij je waarschijnlijk schrikt van het prijskaartje. De polar M200 is met een verkoopprijs van 150,- echter behoorlijk toegankelijk geprijsd. Het horloge heeft een rond design, waarbij het scherm een diameter heeft van 26 millimeter.

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Note that for even more detailed data for your cycle session, the runner 2 is compatible with cadence meters. Related: Best Calorie counter Apps: 5 best food diaries for Android and ios. The runner 2 doesnt simply record sessions; it can act as a coach, too. As well as setting a target distance, pace or calorie burn, you can choose to exercise in a particular heart rate zone with a vibration on your wrist or in-ear prompt to let you know when youve strayed from your target. Myraces is another good motivational feature. You choose from a collection of set distances with times, and the in-ear coach helps you to achieve your aim. Then, when you next attempt that race you can set yourself a more challenging target time, or simply go up against your own.

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Theres no graph of your movements or heart rate during the baby night, and no insight into sleep quality. It simply tells you how long youve slept for and as far as I can deduce, this is purely based on you being stationary. Essentially, if you know what time you went to bed and what time you got up, youre about as clued up as the runner. However, this does at least mean that you can charge the device without worrying about the fact that youre missing out on quantification of self data. Its also possible to track your heart rate 24/7 in order to learn your average resting rate so that calorie burn can be better estimated. However, even menu to just check your resting heart rate you need to be in Workout mode.

TomTom Runner 2 Cardio music Tracking and App. The runner 2 really excels in its performance as a sports watch. The inclusion of gps means that runs and cycles are tracked accurately to the nearest metre, with repeated runs on the same routes yielding consistent results. You even get a map of your route post-workout. Each time ive used the function, the satellites have taken next to no time to locate me (30 seconds is the most ive had to wait). Having gps also means being able to get an accurate idea of pace, which is displayed prominently on the watch face during a run or ride and barked into your ear when youre wearing Bluetooth headphones.

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Unfortunately, i dont have the stamina to test that claim, but my general experience is that even with a few workouts, almost a week is possible. Related: Best Fitness Trackers, tomTom Runner 2 Cardio music Activity Tracking and Music Playback. My runner 2 found and connected to the tomTom Sports Bluetooth headphones in seconds, and I was pleased to see it repeat the trick with my monster pair, too. As well as music, connecting headphones will enable you to receive audio prompts during training sessions, which alert you to pace, distance and in Race mode how well youre doing compared to previous efforts. I havent noticed any drops in signal, and since the runner 2 uses high-quality A2dp and avrc bluetooth protocols, the sound is chunky and crisp plus you can skip tracks and pause from your headphones. Related: Best headphones for Running, activity tracking is present and correct, although it feels like a last-minute addition to whats first and foremost a sports watch.

Steps are tracked and displayed prominently on the app and mysport webpage, and the watch notifies you when you hit your target. A little badge then stays on the bottom left of the screen in case you need reminding or feel the compulsion to show off. Compared with other activity trackers, the step tracking is a little off. I tried wearing it with the. Polar A360 and the, jawbone up3, and each time it was overly generous in comparison by a good couple of hundred steps. Its all relative, however, so just up your step target accordingly and it shouldnt prove a deal-breaker. Its possible to track your sleep with the runner 2, too, but dont expect to gain any real knowledge about what goes on at night.

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Transferring data from the watch is then as simple as plugging it into a computer kaneel to charge or opening the app when its in Bluetooth range. As I was sent the runner 2 Music cardio, one of the best features is being able to store up to 3gb of music, so you dont need to bring any other devices along for your run, cycle or gym session. Thankfully, adding music is a simple matter of drag and drop, through the interface that pops up when the watch is connected to a computer. Just ensure all your albums and mixes are in separate folders, since using the watchs single button to scroll through individual tracks is time-consuming to say the least. The battery will see you through a couple groenten of weeks if youre not tracking any sessions. It does, however, drain much faster when measuring heart rate and tracking location. TomTom reckons you can get five hours out of the runner 2 when its firing on all cylinders.

tomtom runner 2 cardio bandjes

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The watch module consists of a 22 x 25mm face that displays the time in monochrome, and gent a 4-way directional button that sits beneath it as your only means of interaction. The screen isnt particularly sharp (the resolution is only 144 x 168) but its easy to view your stats at a glance mid-workout, and it exhibits a cool feature in the backlight, which is activated by placing your palm over the screen. That button, however, is a garish addition to an otherwise understated watch and is enough to put me off wearing it all the time, or at least with smarter outfits. It requires serious pressure to register presses and feels as clunky as it looks begging the question why tomTom didnt just opt for side buttons like a normal watch. The answer to that may lie in the fact that its near-impossible to accidentally press the button. As such, the same controls have made a return for the forthcoming. It still has a early learning Centre: my first Sports Watch vibe but does make navigating the menu system intuitive. Initial setup of the tomTom Runner 2 is a cinch: just connect the runner 2 to your computer via its usb charging cradle (being super careful not to knock it setup a tomTom mysport account, and download the corresponding app to your phone. Tell it your age, height, weight and activity goals, and away you.

However, since we first reviewed the Spark, tomTom has updated its companion software and app, so its worth a revisit. TomTom Runner 2 Cardio music design and Setup. So how do the two watches differ? It turns out that the strap is the only essential difference between the runner 2 and the Spark. Dont get me wrong its a fantastic strap, with two sets of plastic pins keeping it firmly clasped shut at the buckle and one more set at the end to keep the remainder from flapping about. But while it feels a tad more secure than the Sparks strap and comes in more vibrant colourways (although my review model was plain black its a trivial point of differentiation on what are essentially being marketed as two entirely separate products. The watch module still pops out in the event that you need to replace the strap, and the runner 2 continues to use a bespoke charging cradle, which breaks its connection at the lightest touch. Why tomTom didnt opt for Micro usb charging is beyond us naar but its a running motif.

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What is the tomTom Runner 2 Cardio music? TomTom might historically be known for its gps devices but, back in 2011, tomTom first collaborated with nike, using its navigational know-how to help produce a sports watch. Heart rate monitoring and coaching elements were added to later products. Its an area thats been a growing part of frambozen the dutch firms business ever since. The tomTom Runner 2 is its latest and greatest sports watch. There are different models, ranging from basic, to adding in a heart rate monitor (Runner 2 Cardio adding a music player (Runner 2 Music) and having both (Runner 2 Cardio music). But youd be forgiven for becoming confused over TomToms various offerings: the. TomTom Spark is a near-identical watch.

Tomtom runner 2 cardio bandjes
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